It almost goes with out saying that we offer shops a discounted rate and billing service for our towing services, these rates are designed to make the relationship between shop and towing service work smoothly and efficiently, the ability to have relationships like this opens the door for fast friendly service and builds a trusting relationship, making it convienient and painless for your customer by not charging them at the time of pick up and saving you time and money by getting the customers vehicle in your shop faster.

There are many FREE services we offer shops that use our services exclusively, here are some examples:

  • Did another towing company drop a car in the middle of your parking lot with a broken ball joint? We can come over free of charge and get that put into your shop quick and smoothly getting the garage door closed as soon as possible to save you and your mechanics valuable time and money

  • If you or your mechanics are on a test drive and the customers vehicle leaves you sitting we can respond with our self loading tow truck and get you and your customers car back to the shop ASAP and FREE of charge

  • No one wants to think of the idea of a hoist failing in your shop! But if it were to happen we have knowledgeable staff with equiptment to get your hoist stabilized and get your customers vehicle safely to the ground FREE of charge

  • Did a customer abandon their vehicle at your shop?  You most likely have diagnostic time and a tow bill into it atleast, if not even more,  and now you cant do anything? We can assist you in getting this vehicle removed legally and get you some money to put towards the bill and maybe even more. FREE of charge